Teeth Whitening

In San Antonio, teeth whitening is by far the number one cosmetic dentistry service requested at Kinard Family Dental. It makes sense though since our smile plays such a big part in who we are, and how we present ourselves. Have you ever brushed your teeth in the mirror and noticed your teeth look yellowish? If so, then you aren’t alone—in fact, most people don’t have naturally bright white teeth as you see in ads. No matter if it’s due to genetics, age, smoking, or the food you consume—teeth develop stains or turn yellow.

San Antonio Teeth Whitening By Kinard Family Dental

Of course, no one likes their teeth to be discolored because we’ve been conditioned that bright and white equals healthy. Typically, internal stains are due to genetics or medications that cause the discoloration. External stains, however, is most often attributed to food and beverages or using tobacco products.

The good news is, for most external stains, you can get that toothy white smile you want. In San Antonio, teeth whitening from Kinard Family Dental can make a significant difference in the color of your teeth.

A Warning About Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Of course, there are many DIY at-home whitening kits you can purchase but your results won’t be as effective. Furthermore, some of those kits can actually end up damaging your gums or enamel while not even whitening your teeth! Everyone likes the look of a toothy, bright white smile and the way it makes them feel. There are many over-the-counter teeth whitening kits that allow you to do it yourself at home— but the results can’t come close to matching the tools available at a dental clinic.

Our Proven Whitening System

Kinard’s professional whitening technicians give you the safe, effective and proven results you are seeking. The only procedure Dr. Kinard trusts is by industry-leader KöR and the results every time prove the hype.

Most professional-grade whitening systems employ hydrogen peroxide gels that effectively bleach stains out of your teeth. The problem is the trays used to administer these gels allow saliva to seep in and water down the gel. Consequently, most whitening systems gels only yield about 25-30 minutes of active bleaching time.

On the contrary, KöR whitening KöR-Seal™ trays are designed in such a way to completely seal the gel in. No saliva can leak in and so the bleaching gel remains at full potency. This yields an unbeatable 6-10 hours of active whitening—giving our patients an industry-leading result.

It is both safe and far more advanced than any gimmick in the dental industry. No UV lights, no lasers, no empty promises—just proven science and real results. Enamel looks youthfully white and the bright smile you are seeking is given to you tenfold.

Don’t Just Cover Up Stains—Remove Them At Kinard Family Dental

In San Antonio, teeth whitening can be a very gimmicky market with fancy UV lights, lasers, and big promises. At Kinard, we deliver real results, not gimmicks and a laser show. Come try the KöR whitening system at Kinard Family Dental today!

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