Airway Dentistry in Helotes, TX

Nobody wants to wake up exhausted from struggling to breathe at night. You may not even know this is happening. Dr. Kinard has specialized training in the areas of sleep and airway dentistry. She is a VIVOS-integrated provider offering biomimetic appliances and guides for children and adults. We’re right by your side to address the issue by clearing and opening your airway to help you breathe and rest easier.

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Why should I choose airway dentistry?

Airway dentistry is a constantly evolving method of focusing on the mechanics of how we breathe, and how compromised jaw joints or nasal passages lead to sleep problems. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the mouth and throat that facilitate airflow. We will work with you to improve your oral muscle function with lifestyle changes and corrective breathing habits. Ultimately, our goal is to address the root of the issue so you can breathe with ease and limit the harmful side effects of sleep-related disorders.

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Having a healthy airway decreases the risk of serious health issues.

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Vivos® Biomimetic Devices

We incorporate the latest techniques in sleep dentistry with Vivos® Biomimetic Oral Appliances. With extensive research about the jaw and facial structure, we are able to guide growth and development in children and adults using a biomimetic approach to expand the upper jaw and open the airway. While this technique is minimally invasive, the change in your sleep can be life-changing.

Advanced Training in Dental Sleep Medicine

When it comes to your oral health, you deserve the best. Dr. Kinard has advanced training and expertise in dental sleep medicine. You can rest assured you are in good hands.

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Take the first step in healthy breathing with a complimentary consultation. We will provide a comprehensive 3D airway scan to discover if your airway is preventing you from sleeping at night. Then we’ll outline a treatment plan to solve the problem.

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The Benefits of Airway Dentistry

Helps you Breathe Easier

Airway Dentistry can help you breathe without restriction. This means less mouth breathing, no snoring, and better rest.

Prevents Further Health Issues

Moderate or even severe airway issues can be improved with minimal treatment. This can prevent serious health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and more complex conditions later on.

Can Treat Sleep-Related Disorders

When your airway is clean and properly aligned, the ability to breathe with ease and sleep through the night will significantly improve.

The Airway Dentistry Treatment Process

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First, we will have a conversation with you about your overall sleeping habits, breathing patterns, and other symptoms. We’ll also take a look at your medical history and examine your breathing, along with your teeth, gums, mouth, and throat.

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Treatment Plan

Depending on your unique condition, we will recommend a personalized airway treatment plan. This could include lifestyle changes, oral appliances, or even a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine during sleep. Regardless of our recommendation, the dentist will walk you through every step of the plan to make sure you fully understand the process and how it will positively impact your overall health.

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The dentist will continue to encourage frequent follow-up appointments to ensure your personalized treatment plan is improving your airway health. To guarantee that you receive the best possible care possible, referrals may be made to other providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When your airway is impacted, the body begins to react in a variety of ways. Some common obstructive airway symptoms include:-Mouth breathing-Snoring-Teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism)-Unexplained broken crowns or fractured teeth/tooth pain-Brain fog and daytime drowsiness/chronic fatigue-Forward head posture-Headaches-Face, neck, shoulder, and joint pain-Anxiety-Weight gainRest assured that our team is fully equipped to address any of your unique symptoms with personalized care. If we believe that you could benefit from an additional provider's expertise, we will make the appropriate referral to ensure you get the treatment you deserve.

It’s underestimated how important airway treatment actually is. Breathing properly will decrease your risk for serious health conditions that arise from sleep-related disorders. With airway dentistry, you are taking the first step in living a healthy lifestyle.

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