Myobrace for Kids in Helotes, TX

Myobrace for Kids is a revolutionary, non-invasive dental treatment designed to straighten your child's teeth. Using a series of removable dental appliances worn for just 1-2 hours each day and overnight while sleeping, Myobrace targets the underlying causes of crooked teeth, often related to poor oral habits such as thumb sucking or incorrect tongue positioning. This early intervention can help your child develop a healthy, natural smile, reducing the need for braces or complex dental treatment later in life.

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Myobrace for Kids in Helotes, TX | Kinard

Why Should I Get Myobrace for Kids?

Myobrace is an excellent choice because it not only straightens teeth but also addresses the root causes of dental issues. Traditional braces focus on the symptom (crooked teeth) and not the cause (oral habits). By correcting poor oral habits early, Myobrace can help prevent more serious dental issues in the future. Plus, it's a more comfortable and convenient solution than traditional braces, making the treatment process easier for both you and your child.

Myobrace for Kids in Helotes, TX | Kinard

Did you know…

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Myobrace treatment can also improve your child's facial development and appearance.

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The Benefits Of Myobrace for Kids

Improves Facial Development

Myobrace for Kids doesn't just focus on straightening teeth. It also promotes proper jaw development, which can improve your child's facial symmetry and overall appearance. By encouraging proper tongue positioning and nasal breathing, Myobrace can help ensure your child's face develops correctly, preventing issues like a recessed jaw or misaligned bite.

Prevents Future Dental Problems

Myobrace for Kids addresses the root causes of dental issues, such as poor oral habits, which can prevent future dental problems. By training your child to breathe through their nose, swallow correctly, and keep their lips together, Myobrace can help prevent issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health problems down the line.

Comfort and Convenience

Unlike traditional braces, Myobrace appliances are removable and need to be worn only 1-2 hours a day and overnight while sleeping. This makes them a more comfortable and convenient option for children, who can remove them to eat, brush their teeth, or play sports.

The Myobrace Treatment Process

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Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, your dentist in Helotes will examine your child's teeth and oral habits to determine if they are a good candidate for Myobrace. This includes a thorough examination of the mouth, jaw, and facial structure.

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Custom Treatment Plan

If your child is a good candidate for Myobrace, Dr. Kinard will create a custom treatment plan tailored to their needs. This includes selecting the correct Myobrace appliance for your child and outlining a schedule for wearing it.

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Regular Check-ups

Throughout the treatment process, your child will have regular check-ups with our kids sleep apnea dentist, Dr. Kinard, to monitor their progress and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plan. These check-ups are crucial to ensuring the success of the Myobrace treatment.

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