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What Is Myobrace?

Myobrace is an orthodontic device for preventing malocclusions or sleep apnea in children and adults. Not only does it straighten teeth and encourage proper growth but it also aligns the jaw and encourages correct facial development.

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The Benefits of Myobrace for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Painless and Non-invasive

Myobrace is an incredibly effective treatment for sleep apnea, especially in kids. The treatment is painless and non-invasive. This eliminates the need for surgery or other treatments like CPAP therapy. The dentist will select the appropriate series of appliances for your child's growth and development.


This dental appliance is also comfortable and is made from medical grade silicon and a strong plastic for its core. The silicone is soft and flexible  and gently makes contact with the real teeth. They may feel new at first, but you’ll soon get used to them and even forget you have them on.

The Myobrace Process

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Assessment and Treatment Plan

Treatment starts when you consult a dentist or orthodontist for your dental concerns. A dentist near you will examine your oral health, checking for signs of decay and gum disease. They’ll also check your jaw alignments and take X-rays for a better view. After assessment, the dentist will take an oral scan of your teeth and create a custom treatment plan for your Myobrace mouthpiece. The treatment plan will outline the treatment goals, timeline, and expectations.

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After fabricating your Myobrace, the dentist will schedule an appointment to fit the mouthpiece. The dentist will pop it in and check the fit and comfort. Remember, Myobraces come as a set where you swap one Myobrace for another as treatment progresses.

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Usage Instructions

The dentist will then provide instructions on how and when to wear them and explain ways to keep them clean. Over time, the dentist will monitor your progress and swap your mouthpiece, making adjustments when necessary until treatment concludes. You will also be given homework exercises to help correct breathing patterns, tone, posture, and habits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Myobrace treats many more dental complications apart from sleep apnea. For instance, Myobrace can reverse malocclusions in patients with open bite, underbite, and other types of malocclusions. They’re also great for promoting proper jawbone development and preventing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Dentists might also recommend Myobraces for children showing early signs of orthodontic complications. This early intervention goes a long way toward preventing tooth misalignment disorders in the future.

The duration of the treatment varies from one person to the next, but it usually takes six months to three years for patients to complete their treatments. For mild cases of orthodontic complications, or early intervention to prevent the same, treatment takes about six to twelve months. However, patients with crowded teeth or severe malocclusions may require two to three years of treatment.

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