Sleep Apnea

Snoring, it’s the one thing that all people can relate to. It’s safe to deem it fact that in every circle of friends, there’s a notorious snorer. If you don’t know who it might be—it’s probably you.

All jokes aside, snoring can be something mildly annoying, or it can be dangerously severe. You see, when you breathe while sleeping, air passes in and out between your nose, mouth, and lungs. Under normal circumstances, this process makes very little noise when relaxed.

However, as we have seen in San Antonio sleep apnea studies, that breathing can become very turbulent. It’s similar to when working out vigorously and you breath harder, it makes more noise, but nothing startling.

Sleeping Isn’t Peaceful With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions of Americans to varying degrees—for some it is fatal. You see, when you sleep your uvula at the back of your throat relaxes. During breathing, it closes the airway very briefly and re-opens causing you to “snore.”

When Snoring Is Something More Serious

Normal snoring is a common occurrence and typically not a health risk to worry about. However, you should pay attention to your snoring habits as it can be a warning sign. Sleeping disorders that are dental-related such as acid reflux or teeth gnashing can be signs of heart disease. They can also signify throat cancer, emphysema, or a precursor to a stroke.

San Antonio Sleep Apnea Treatment By Kinard Family Dental

Most of our patients don’t think about sleep apnea treatments when they visit our dental practice. Many patients don’t realize that sleep apnea is often caused and can be cured within the scope of dentistry.

At Kinard, we treat a variety of sleep apnea conditions through holistic and scientifically proven methods. Using customized medical devices along with holistic solutions we are able to provide the relief thousands need.

We Provide Sleep Therapy For The 21st Century

Using the customized device designed specifically for each patient, we are able to keep your airway open while you sleep. There are many products on the market that promise the same results—but they fail to deliver.

Kinard Family Dental uses the science of dentistry in relation to how we breathe and sleep to cure the problem. By approaching this very serious condition from this perspective, we are able to allow patients to breathe freely again.

What Does This Mean For Patients?

This innovative sleep aid device is adjustable, comfortable and allows you to move your lower jaw with more freedom. Many of the other devices on the market restrict movement greatly causing patients to ironically have more trouble sleeping.

CPAP Is Not A Universal Solution

CPAP machines can be very effective for some people but for others, it’s just not effective. That is because it’s a “universal” product rather than custom-designed to each person. Our system is tailored to your body and therefore is an exact fit. With our sleep specialists working with you to develop a customized sleep care plan—we get you the results.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep Finally

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, unexplainable weight gain, chronic headaches? Are you tired of sleepless nights because of your sleep apnea? Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let Kinard Family Dental handle your sleep care.

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