Dental Implants: What You Ought To Know

Dental Implants: What You Ought To Know

If you’ve ever been to a dentist in Helotes, you’ve probably seen various literature on dental procedures. Many dental offices have information for patients regarding braces, crowns and bridges, and of course, dentures. However, there is a far superior procedure that is surprisingly less well-known.

Dental Implants In Helotes

Ironically, many dentists fail to properly inform patients about the best procedure for missing teeth—dental implants.  Despite being the superior option for tooth loss, and the most lifelike—many dentists just don’t market them. Unfortunately, this means that patients that could benefit from dental implants in Helotes don’t even know anything about them.

If you are missing teeth and have visited a dentist in Helotes, but not been informed about dental implants—keep reading.

Dental implants are the absolute best solution for missing teeth above and beyond dentures, bridges, and crowns. Ironically, finding information about dental implants in Helotes may be tough—but we’ll give you a quick rundown.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a dental prosthetic device that replaces the root of a failed or decayed tooth. Just like the original root you had; the dental implant is inserted into the jawbone. This allows a process called osseointegration which bonds the implant to the jawbone.  Dental implants are not visible and with the life-like crowns affixed to the implants, it looks like natural teeth. In fact, no one will be able to tell you have implants unless you disclose it to them.

Dental Implants: How Did We Get Here?

Modern Implants are made of biocompatible titanium which means your body will not reject it. This is a very important characteristic since it is a permanent part of your body once implanted. However, dental implants haven’t always been so polished.

In fact, while dental implants may seem new to most people—there’s evidence of implants from 3,000 years ago. Historical finds from archeological digs in China uncovered jawbones with bamboo pegs hammered into them—ouch!

Thankfully, technology has come a long way and dental implants in Helotes are far more advanced. They look, function, and feel just like the teeth you lost. As the top dentist in Helotes for dental implants, Dr. Kinard favors this procedure for missing teeth. The main reason is that dental implants have a very high success rate and prevent bone loss. The disintegration of the jawbone is a detrimental problem that can cause a domino effect of issues.

Dental Implants Fact Check

While dental implants may not be as widely understood by patients as dentures, crowns, and bridges—they are still far superior. In many cases, they may even end up costing nearly the same as inferior options like dentures. We’ll explain why later, but let’s take a look at some other interesting facts about dental implants you may not know.

They Are Nearly Identical To Natural Teeth

The top dentists in Helotes agree that modern dental implants are something akin to a miracle solution.  Because they can replace your teeth with a 1:1 fit, dental implants don’t crowd or damage remaining teeth. Additionally, because they bond with the jawbone, your other teeth are protected.

When you lose a tooth, the jawbone begins to weaken due to lack of stimulation. This is called bone atrophy and can spread and completely alter your life. It also can change the way a person looks as facial structure changes. The implants act as your natural tooth, and the crowns we finish with look and function just like a natural tooth. However, implants do not decay, but you still need to maintain a healthy oral hygiene regimen.

The Surgery Is Relatively Painless

We get it—the thought of screwing a titanium post you’re your jawbone sounds brutally painful. However, due to modern sedation dentistry and the unique method, the process is minimal in pain even in post-op. In fact, most of our patients are back at work the next day with just some over-the-counter pain medicine.

The downtime is minimal as well and you can return to your normal activities promptly in about 98% of cases. However, we are aware that every patient heals differently and has different levels of pain sensitivity. We have contingency plans for such situations and make sure you are completely comfortable.

Improves Your Health

When we have patients that have missing teeth or resort to using dentures—they aren’t happy. In fact, life is very hard for them. Dentures already have a stigma to them that makes people feel self-conscious. Dentures also need constant adjusting need to be replaced every five years or so and can come loose. They also make eating certain foods difficult, social interaction troublesome, and can cause speech trouble.

All this combines to create not just an emotional health problem but a physical one as well. The patients who receive dental implants from Dr. Kinard are blown away with how they make them feel. Not only can they eat properly, improving nutrition—but they love their smile again too.

Dental implants allow you the freedom to continue life as it was before tooth loss. Eating the foods you love, playing sports, and social interaction without limitations. Best of all—no one knows you have implants unless you tell them, they look that natural!

Durable And Reliable

With a full set of dental implants, you can say goodbye to one major dental problem—tooth decay. Implants simply don’t decay and you can’t develop cavities—but wait. That needs to be followed by another piece of dental advice—maintain healthy dental hygiene! Just because the teeth can’t decay doesn’t mean you can’t still get gum disease. You still need to floss, brush your teeth, and use mouthwash on a daily basis. Bacteria can still get trapped inside just like teeth and if it infects your gums you’ll have serious trouble.

That being said, dental implants are durable as the material they are made of—titanium. In fact, most dental implants last upwards of 20-30 years. There are no adjustments like dentures, no shifting or fitment issues like bridges—dental implants just work day in, day out. For most patients, that means they will never need the procedure again.

They Maintain Jawbone Health

Titanium dental implants reinforce your jawbone due to the aforementioned process of osseointegration. Because the implants bond to your jawbone, it becomes part of your jawbone. When you compare that to effects of living with missing teeth—it’s a no brainer to go for implants.

Implants Protect All Other Teeth

When compared to bridges, which use and abuse the surrounding teeth to support the device, dental implants are clearly superior. When getting a bridge, neighboring teeth are often ground down to make room for the intrusive dental bridge. Supporting the bridge is tough on these teeth and often cause them to shift over time. This leads to yet another costly corrective dental procedure among other expensive restorations.

Since dental implants do not need neighboring teeth and maintain jawbone integrity—they protect your other healthy teeth. You can’t ask for anything more from dental implants when you really think about it. They really are the standard for dental tooth restoration no matter what the situation may be.

Dental Implants At Kinard Family Dental

At Kinard Family Dental, we bring back smiles to our many patients that have missing teeth or settled for dentures. Patients with bridges or crowns also benefit greatly from the implant procedures we perform. There’s nothing we love more than seeing someone with one of these conditions come in looking sad and defeated. That is because we know we have the opportunity to completely brighten their outlook on life with dental implants. If you find yourself in a similar situation and want to smile again, contact us today and get you a smile that will last a lifetime!

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