Kinard Family Dental is a family-focused dental practice that offers the best dental care in the Greater San Antonio area. Our commitment to you and your family is healthy, happy smiles in a down to earth setting.  For years, we have given San Antonio residents the most comprehensive and advanced dental care in Helotes and surrounding areas.

A San Antonio Dentist With Texas-Sized Hospitality

Our approach to dental care is an often-forgotten approach in most dental practices these days. Unfortunately, many dentists have resorted to impressing patients with luxurious offices and perks, but the service is not so impressive. Sure, it’s nice to have comfortable recliners, big screen TV’s or in some elaborate cases an espresso bar. But let’s be honest, all that means nothing without a personable approach to something as personal as your smile.

Our dental care is second to none and is state-of-the-art care blended with Texas hospitality. We take the time to get to know you, your family, and your needs. Our two-fold approach to dental care reflects that.

Quality Dental Care

The primary objective when you visit any San Antonio dentist is to obtain or maintain a healthy smile right? Consequently, that is our primary goal in our service to you—we are honored to be trusted with that task.

Yes, our offices are very welcoming and designed to calm any anxieties you may have about visiting the dentist. However, we also invest heavily into the equipment we use such as X-ray imaging machines and 3-D dental scanners. Tools like these enable us to complete our goals in the best way possible.

The key to delivering the level of quality we have staked our reputation on is hiring the right personnel to staff our office. From the dentists and their assistants to the front desk representatives—all are expected to undergo continuing education regularly. We approach your dental care as a team effort—holding everyone accountable to do their part. What our front desk staff and dental assistants do carries just as much weight as what Dr. Kinard does. Our hiring process reflects that philosophy as we are very selective to ensure we have the best team. This culture we have cultivated is the only way to ensure the absolute best treatment for our valued patients.

Hospitably Texan

We are proud Texans—we love the culture, the rich history, and just the lifestyle we have grown up with. Everything is bigger in Texas, everyone is friendlier in Texas, and most of all we look out for each other.

We bring that Texas culture right here into our practice with the way we treat our patients. We don’t just rush you into a chair and try to get the next patient in. We purposely schedule conservatively to allow plenty of quality time.

When you come in, you are greeted enthusiastically by our front desk staff. Don’t be surprised if they ask you about yourself, they’re just trying to get to know you. Dr. Kinard also begins each session by checking up on you aside from dental needs.

It’s that small-town approach that people don’t realize they have missed for so long until they receive that treatment. And we mean it, we really want to know you—so come see us, grab a coffee and let’s talk.

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